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Hello, and thank you for visiting my gallery. My name is Gloria Jean, living in the southeastern plains of Colorado.

My journey into art began with pencil drawing at a young age, and at 14 I began painting using acrylics. Later I changed to oils because of the slower drying time.  I experimented with watercolors and find them to be a pure joy, although my love for oils keeps me too busy to spend too much time with watercolor. 

Art classes were not available in school growing up, so I collected art books and subscribed to art magazines and became an avid student of these. When I could, I would attend workshops or take classes but found more use in the books. The classes and workshops seemed more like social events.

Painting portraits both in oils and watercolor is a great challenge for me, and I do a lot of still life to improve my skill for light and shadow. With still life, you can paint from life because the subject doesn't move, fidget or take breaks like a human subject. 

I have a great admiration for the impressionistic style of painting but gravitate more towards realism, so you may see some of both in my gallery.

My deep thanks to Carol Marine who is responsible for this wonderful website for artists to show and sell their work.  I continue to learn and explore style and technique and I just recently decided to devote to painting full time. New work will be posted here soon.

All of my paintings from 2018 and forward will be signed and they will come with a certificate of authenticity.